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SIZE : 2060*2060*900MM
Description :

Seat for Lying--1Person
Seat for Sitting!5 Persons
Capacity: 1. 2CBM
Weight: 250KG

Main Components:
Electricity Leakage Protector--1 pc
TV set with Remote Control Panel--1 pc
Total Nozzles--40 pcs
Hydro Massage Nozzles--16 pcs
Small Nozzles--2 pcs
Shoulder Nozzles--14 pcs
Air Bubbles Nozzles--14 pcs
Whirlpool Intensity Adjustor--4 pcs
Whirlpool Pump 3HP--1 pc
Whirlpool Pump 1HP--1 pc
Wind Pump 1. 5HP!1 pc
Heater 3KW!1 pc
Ozonizer!1 pc
Filltration Systerm!1 set
Water Circulation Systerm!1 set
Water Level Protector!1 set
LED underwater Light 12V/10W!1 pc
Drainer!1 pc
Wooden Skirt!1 set

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