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SIZE : bathtub trimming machine
Description :

Bathtub trimming machine

This machine can be used as the acrylic bathtubs, shower trays, ,and artificial stone sinks edge cutting machine.

The dimention can be 200x180cm,200x200cm,240x240cm,can be used different sizes of bathtubs, shower trays. Also can use normal sand blazer, so it is widely used.

The machine is made by integral welding, the working table is made by the stress treatment, the machine can do high precision processing.

It is the best choice for the sanitary ware making company.

Technical details:

1.working table: 200x180cm,200x200cm or 240x240cm

2.the largest distance from the working table for the pressure pad:1000mm

3.Mitsubishi Frequency conversion control stepless speed regulation,turning speed: 0-3r/min

4. Electronic display indicates the cutting height data,the Rotating arm maximum lifting distance: 40-400mm

5. Common grinding wheel size: 350 x 25.4

6. speed of mainshaft: 3600r/min

7.power of main motor: 2.0kw

8. The table rotating motor power:

9. power of arm-truning lifting motor:

10.working pressure: 0.25 Mpa -0.45Mpa


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