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Description :

we are both the artificial stone sink making machines and artificial stone sinks manufacturer
if you buy the artificial stone sink making line from us,we will help you to set up the whole artificial stone sink making line in your factory,or you can send your

technicians to our sinks making factory to learn all the sink making skills.

The details of the artificial sink making line are as follows,

1.automatic extrudes machine


1)vacuum mixing system--two mixing tanks

2)mixed material(resin,stone powder,one chemical) feeding system

3)the other chemical(hardener) metering system and supply system

4)flow rate,pressure,liquid level monitor system

5)cleaning system

6)electrical control system

2.vacuum system

1)vacuum pump:7.5KW

2)vacuum tank:1CBM(then can storage the vacuum pressure in the tank,the vacuum pump need not working all the time)

3.simple trimming machine(cutting machine:5.5KW)

4.oven house(heating house,the dimention is as you like),for 300x400x220cm,oven house

you can make it smaller,for example:200x200x200cm,then cost

5.manual polishing machine

6.moulds:80x60x45cm sink

with upper part and lower part

7.mould isolation material spray gun

8.automatic mixing tank(if you don''t buy the automatic extrude machine,you can use this machine,and casting the material manually,it is also OK)

you can buy two of these machines,then can speed up the manual making

also,if the order of colored sinks,is small,there is no need to open the automatic extrude machine,use is mixing tank,and inject the materials manually is just OK.

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