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SIZE : 520x440x420cm
Description :

the details of quartz sink extrude machine are as follows,

two mixing tanks,extrude device,portable frame,with control box,vacuum system:vacuum degree:0~0.1
each tank volume:600L,working voltage:380V,extruder power:4KW,catalyst motor power:1.5KW,extrude speed:20~30kg/miniute,working pressure:0.6mpa,

main components:

1)vacuum mixing system--two mixing tanks,each tank volume:600L,
2)mixed material(resin,stone powder,one chemical) feeding system,
3)the other chemical(hardener) metering system and supply system,
4)flow rate,pressure,liquid level monitor system,
5)cleaning system,
6)electrical control system

Mixing extruding system consisted by mixing extruding shaft ,the shaft sleeve and main reductor motor.
Catalyst system consisted by curing agent pump, motor, pressure gauge, the PFA hose, air pipe and valves.
The curing agent pump is a high-precision stainless steel curing agent pump (strong corrosive resistant).
Cleaning system consisted by cleaning tank (non-standard products), the PFA hose, air pipe and valves.?
Control system consisted by frequency converter (frequency conversion power of main motor is 5KW, power of curing agent pump motor is 1.5 KW), transformer of power

supply, touch switch, button, electric cabinet
The sudden stop button and an alarm prompt lamp also be equipped.

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